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About us

We Assess All Your Environmental Concerns

RCI Environmental, Inc. is a licensed and insured professional environmental consulting company.

Are you concerned about the indoor air quality in your home, office or business? Or do you need commercial services for asbestos testing, soil and groundwater testing or due diligence for a property transfer? We are here to help with our experience dating from 1990 working with medical doctor’s environmental sensitive patients and commercial lenders.

Exposure to indoor air contaminants, be it chemicals, dust or mold can cause serious health consequences, including among others, allergic and respiratory response, infections (mycosis), toxicity from mycotoxins produced by certain species of mold, and immune systems weakening. Medical experts agree that a weakened immune system can make an individual more vulnerable to diseases ranging a cold or flu to even cancer.

The first step in determining if there is a problem is to have an assessment done. We inspect and test for indoor air contaminants and provide a report with recommendations.

State and Federal laws require testing for the presence of asbestos be conducted prior to removal of building materials during demolition or renovation. Asbestos containing materials typically are not a concern unless damaged or disturbed. The install date of a suspected asbestos containing material does not matter, as asbestos containing material can be legally be imported and installed in our nation’s buildings still today. We sample for the presence of and prepare Operation and Maintenance Plans to keep asbestos in good physical condition so that it is not a health exposure concern.

Most prudent financial institutions, to meet EPA requirements, require environmental due diligence, be it an Environmental Site Assessment, compliance audit or groundwater and soil testing prior to commercial lending.  We have much experience in assessing for these problems and preparing the reports you need.

The first step to identify an environmental concern is to have an assessment done to determine if there is or is not a problem. The finding of a site visit, the information reviewed, including any samples analyzed by independent third-party laboratories, is presented to our client in a professionally detailed report.

We Work Hard To Help You Improve Your Air Quality

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About us