Common Environmental Services

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Common Environmental Services

Common Environmental Services

Do you know what environmental consultant agencies do? There are a variety of important and practical services that are related to ecology, wildlife, water quality, and socioeconomics that these firms offer. You may not realize how crucial these activities and studies are to the protection of the individuals, organizations, animals and plant life around you.

Consider the following common environmental services and how important they are.

Environmental assessments (EA), or environmental impact statements. An EA, is a document that discloses information about any federal action that will only have a minimal effect on the environment. A longer more detailed document is required if an impending federal action will have a significant impact on the environment so that those involved can make an informed decision.

Natural resource inventory and mapping. This service helps planners consider natural resources, such as vegetation and wetland/aquatic habitats in future projects and developments.

Environmental permitting. Certain projects need permits according to local, state and federal regulations. Environmental consultants assist clients in obtaining the appropriate permits related to the environment impacts and help resolve related problems.

Many Environmental Service companies provide assessment and remediation division that facilitate commercial property transactions and maximizes the value of land by performing due diligence studies to assess for potential contamination and by providing superior solutions for the rehabilitation of impacted properties to applicable environmental standards.

Water quality studies. The sampling and analysis of ground and surface water is important because these tests can reveal harmful contaminants in needed water supplies.

Other Environmental Services include Surface Water and Groundwater Quality Monitoring, which each espceically important. Benthic Macroinvertebrate Organism Sampling and Analysis, as well as Underwater Video and Photo Documentation can be useful. Environmental Services can also streatch to the ocean and include Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring, Submerged Resources and Seagrass Surveys.

Expert witness testimony. This service can help in a court of law, as the opinion of an expert can provide researched evidence in a case related to specific environmental cases.

Endangered and threatened species surveys. This service supports state and federal regulations related to the Endangered Species Act, which protects specific animals that have been classified as “threatened or endangered” species. It is important to ensure that construction and other projects being performed do not harmed or forced to leave their habitat.

Seagrass surveys. Seagrass surveys are conducted for various reasons, mainly for development purposes. Related tasks include the identification of species, to determine seagrass density, and to investigate status of seagrass habitat. It is also commonly necessary to determine what factors are causing or have potential to cause damage to the ecosystem. Federal, state, and local governments have specific policies and regulations that protect coastal and estuarial habitats.

Other environmental services include State and Federal Wetlands Delineation, wetland mitigation studies, Mitigation project planning, design, construction management, and monitoring and aquatic and terrestrial biota sampling.

These, along with several other important tasks help society to understand and protect people, the Earth and its variety of ecosystems.


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