Staying Safe With Regular Asbestos Inspections

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Staying Safe With Regular Asbestos Inspections

Staying Safe With Regular Asbestos Inspections

There are several types of asbestos in the market and they are used for a number of construction purposes in commercial as well as residential structures. The main type of asbestos is the Chrysotile that forms part of the serpentine segment. You will find these largely used fire exits, as well as in construction adhesive. They are also used in plaster as well as texture coatings and form a part of vinyl tiles.

Amosite is a popular type of asbestos used in construction. They are primarily used in low density insulation as well as for those that cover chemical bases etc. Water and construction pipes too contain asbestos. There are several health hazards that are associated with asbestos and those it very important that an asbestos survey be carried out on commercial properties. This is to avoid complications that may arise later. Chrysotile has been found the be the cause of tumors in animals. Humans exposed to this for a long time may suffer from Mesothelimus as well as pleural plagues and what are known as Asbestos warts.

This is why asbestos has been banned in a few countries. However, there are several constructions that have asbestos in them and therefore it is necessary that regular asbestos surveys are conducted to ensure that they are still within the safe region to work with. This helps reduce the number of people suffering form illnesses as they are irreversible.

A qualified asbestos professional will be able to assess the content of asbestos in your construction as well as the extent of its durability. Most people are unaware that they work amidst asbestos. It is best to check with your employers and know for sure that you working in safe environs.

What the survey will basically do is check for its presence and its volume. The specialist will then look into the condition of the asbestos, how close is it placed to humans and the state of its surface. Based on this the surveyor will be able to judge whether asbestos is safe enough to work around. As long as the asbestos remains in one place and does not flake and fall on those around, it is safe enough to be around.


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