What Professional Site Consultants Do

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What Professional Site Consultants Do

What Professional Site Consultants Do

Whether you are buying or selling a property, environmental due diligence is necessary. That’s where an environmental site consultant can assist you. If you want to ensure the value of your property and avoid any environmental liabilities in the future, having a site assessment conducted to identify any potential threats on the property is necessary.

Environmental Engineering firms have competent and qualified site consultants who will determine whether a property poses any environmental threats or liabilities. A Phase I ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) is the first step in environmental due diligence. It ensures that a property is contaminate free, providing protection to its owners against liabilities resulting from the failure to meet environmental standards.

Professional site consultants will gather all the necessary information regarding the site including a detailed history of the property which includes whether there had been any activity in the past which may contribute to any possible chemical contamination.

Site consultants analyze the subject site along with adjacent properties to determine environmental compliance. A site assessment is done to ensure that a property is contaminate free. Tests and assessments like Phase 1 ESA’s were not always part of real estate transactions. Hazardous incidents in the past caused the government to pass stricter laws and regulations to protect purchasers of properties.

Exercising environmental due diligence not only saves individuals and companies money, it can also save lives. These tests are not simple experiments but are serious and very detailed in nature that the importance of contracting only the best and qualified professional site consultant can not be over-emphasized.

I now remember the movie in which some residents of a contaminated area were poisoned and died resulting to the company facing legal charges. Such incident could have been prevented should the company only exercised due diligence in testing the site before constructing houses and allowing families to live in the area. Such neglect and disregard cost the company a lot of trouble and expenses from lawyer fees and damages. Also the lives of the families that have been ruined and devastated because of the contamination.

The movie may have been based on real-life events or not. The point is, companies and individuals should do their part in protecting both the people and the environment from any damage like these. Good thing there are now laws and regulations that see to it that these unfortunate events may be avoided.

Being a professional site consultant is not an easy job. The lives and safety of people from a single family to an entire community rest on your careful hands. That is why I salute all environmental geologist and consultant from the whole world, and from all of the site consultant in the world, bear in mind that you need the best to conduct site assessment into your site. Because it is in their hands that lies the safeness of your site as well as your business’s future.


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